Watercolor Resist


Workshop: Resist Painting

Date: 10/19/19  Time: 1pm - 4pm

Locations: Art Works Gallery - 109 Fall St. - Seneca Falls, NY

Instructor: Roberta Nelson

Number of Participants Required: 3

Registration: Cut-off Date: 4/15/17

Workshop Description: Resist Painting is a method of applying wax to various parts of the picture so that the applied water-based paint will not adhere to those areas. Many interesting effects and textures can be created by using rubbings or various drawing techniques. It is similar to the batik process except that is done on paper instead of fabric. 

Materials Provided by Participant: box of crayons, watercolor paper 140lb. weight (at least 9”x12”), watercolor brushes, water container, a hard surface (like plexi-glass or wood) larger than the watercolor paper size, pencil, eraser, paper towels, and a photo to reproduce.

Materials Provided by Instructor: clear wax resist crayons, an iron, drawing paper, tracing paper, and a blow-dryer

Contact Information: register at the gallery, at artsinseneca.org, or contact the instructor at rnelson33@rochester.rr.com or call 315-549-8323