Colored Pencil Blending Techniques


Date: 03/28/2020 Time: 10am-3pm

Number of Participants Required: 4

Registration Cut-off Date: 03/21/2020

Location: Artworks Gallery, 109 Fall St., Seneca Falls, NY

Cost: $40

Instructor: Roberta Nelson

Workshop Description:   

This workshop encompasses dry methods used to blend colored pencil strokes to create a painterly effect. These methods include overlaying colors, glazing, burnishing, and colorless blending pencils. 

Materials Provided by the Participant:  drawing paper or pad, set of Prismacolor colored pencils that include white, grey, and black, eraser, and a colorless blending pencil. Pictures to be drawn, if desired.

Materials Provided by the Instructor:  information packets and blending swabs. 

Contact: Sign up at the gallery or email the instructor at  or call 315-549-8323.